10 Podcasts That will Help You Grow in 2020

Podcasts are a great way to pass the time, and if you're listening to the right ones, they can help you change your life. At the moment, a lot of people have found themselves with a lot more spare time. Thankfully, the our team here at AZIO has decided to compile this short guide of podcasts to help get you through this. We thought we'd share them with you so that you can elevate your life as well.

1. The Indicator

The Indicator helps our team and can help you understand how things shape the world of business. The hosts highlight a simple statistic or something noteworthy from recent news and bring in global experts that explain how the chosen indicator fits into the larger global economic story.

2. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Over 2,000 guests have appeared on this award-winning podcast. Set up by John Lee Dumas, the podcast releases new episodes daily and provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a vital insight into success.

3. The Mind Your Business Podcast

Take it from us, if you want to succeed in business, you need the right mindset. The Mind Your Business Podcast provides weekly motivation that can help you keep your business progressing in the right direction.

4. Youpreneur

Bestselling author Chris Ducker helps people to develop their understanding of what a personal brand is and how they can develop it to their advantage.

5. Mixergy

Andrew Warner's Mixergy acts as an invaluable source of advice and tips for how to overcome the often seemingly endless challenges that a business owner must overcome.

6. How I Built This

This podcast provides entrepreneurs with a platform to discuss exactly how they built their empire. We find that hearing other people's success stories can provide a much-needed boost when we're struggling to motivate ourselves.

7. Rise & Grind

This show can help you manage your time most effectively and utilize your working hours in the most effective way possible. The host, Daymond John, has links to some of the most successful self-made people on the planet, and they regularly contribute to the show.

8. Impact Theory

When you understand the philosophies of industry giants, you can apply them to your own life and business to reach new heights. This podcast aims to help you do just that.

9. University of Adversity

A lot of podcasts just focus on the good things, this one is a little different. By highlighting the struggles that successful people have faced to reach their position today, the University of Adversity lets you know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

10. Startup Podcast

The Startup Podcast offers the most accurate look at what life is really like for a startup. The compelling mixture of professional and personal perspectives provides important tactics for business owners.

Our team knows the importance of staying motivated through these challenging times. We hope that with the help of this guide, you'll be able to stay at the very top of your game.

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