Perfect Office Items to Pair with your Leather Accessories

An aesthetically pleasing and functional workspace can boost your overall mood and increase your productivity. Incorporating elegant and warm leather accessories into your home office area is always a great option, especially when they're made with quality genuine leather like the retro keyboards and computer mice by Azio Corporation.


Leather is an inspiring material, and the unique precision cut of the retro classic mouse is so sleek that it deserves to be surrounded by other complementary office essentials. Real leather is built to last and has an essence that can't be duplicated in faux leather products.

The unique texture of real leather is a small detail that will add new energy to your home office space. And after you choose to elevate your home office with stylish and timeless leather accessories, you'll likely want to keep designing. Whether you've chosen crisp and smooth white leather computer accessories or strong and luxurious black leather pieces, we've found some stylish home office items to match.

These stylish home office essentials pair with our line of black leather accessories.

Master & Dynamic Headphones

Master & Dymamic offers the premium sound quality, and their signature design is the perfect complement to our retro classic black leather keyboard. Similar to AZIO's Retro Classic Keyboards, the MH40 is crafted with genuine leather with aluminum. The lambskin earpads make for ideal comfort for long periods of listening, while the Neodymium Drivers produce high-performance sound. These headphones come in several different colors, but the black or brown pairs perfectly match AZIO's keyboards. Buy Now.

Harmon Kardon Soundsticks III


A great home office setup needs to have great sound. The Harman Kardon Soundsticks III offers balanced sound and sport a futuristic design that is both functional and unique. The system pairs with most media devices so you can have crystal clear sound quality for meetings or conference calls. Learn More.

ZZ Plant

Every home office space can utilize the natural benefits of having a plant. Plants help to reduce stress and purify the air. ZZ plants are simple, easy to care for and add refreshing energy to any home office. Buy one here.

Decorgenics Pen Holder

Complement your leather desk accessories with luxury pen holders. The animal-inspired Decorgrenics pen holders also have hidden storage, so your home office space stays stylish and tidy. Choose from the Paw or Cuckoo designs.

There's something a bit whimsical about genuine white leather. It's nice to use a pastel palette to bring out this quality, and it will also help to add energy to your work environment.

If you've opted for a vibrant white leather item such as the Retro Compact Keyboard, you should consider these home office additions:

Humanscale Infinity Slate Blue Desk Lamp

It's important to have good lighting when working, and the modern Humanscale desk lamp is an elegant and contemporary LED light wrapped in a sleek and timeless design. The cool slate blue color creates a classic luxury feeling when paired with any of our white leather accessories. Learn More.

Self Watering Wet Pots

If you're considering getting a home office plant, then Self-Watering Wet Pots are a must-have. Invented in Sweden, they are designed to make sure you don't overwater or underwater your plants. The glass and terra-cotta design effortlessly complement the Retro Classic BT. Shop Now.

Energize your workspace with beautiful quality crafted home office items that will help to increase productivity. The only rule of design to remember when choosing items to complement your leather computer accessories is to have fun.