How To Clean and Protect Leather Products

Leather provides a beautiful, classic look, and it's a surprise when incorporated in your keyboard, mouse and other computer peripherals. With a little extra care, your leather products will retain their sheen and unique qualities. Learn how to use our new Leather Cream to protect your natural leather goods.

Preparing Leather Products for Cleaning

Before applying the Leather Cream, dust off your leather products with a dry cotton rag. Remove all visible dust and debris so that the leather will absorb the cream.

When cleaning any of the Retro Classic Collection series, remove the key caps to make it easier to access the leather surface.

Leather Product Care Tips

Now that your Azio products are clean and conditioned, you'll want to keep them that way. Proper care keeps your leather desktop accessories from cracking, drying out and becoming dull. Here are a few tips to keep them in pristine condition:

  1. 1. Excess moisture causes leather to mildew or sweat, so ensure that the moisture levels in your office area aren't too high.
  • 2. Clean your hands before using your Azio leather keyboards, mice or palm rests.
  • 3. Leather accessories absorb oils and grease. Wipe the surface with a white cotton cloth to remove excess oil and protect the leather.
  • 4. Remove stains as soon as you notice them for the best results.
  • 5. Only use cleaning products design for leather products, such as our Leather Cream.

Benefits of Protecting Your Azio Leather Products

When you protect and care for your leather products with our Leather Cream, you not only have a beautiful buffed shine, but it also is waterproofing and gives your leather products a long-lasting protection.