Innovative Tech and Furniture Transforming the Modern Office

As the lines between work and home disappear, one thing is clear — boring, institutional office furniture and tech devices have no place in the modern workspace. Whether you have a home office, a live-work space or a more traditional work environment, good design matters. AZIO combines premium quality with retro styling to make a fast, accurate retro keyboard that delivers a premium user experience.

Gadgets to Create a Functional, Inspired Home Workspace

According to Harper's Bazaar, the AZIO retro classic keyboard is a must-have for those who "dream of tapping away on a vintage typewriter, but don't want to sacrifice the convenience of modern technology."

In fact, that's exactly the inspiration behind AZIO's lineup of retro-styled keyboards. Each key on an AZIO keyboard has a dedicated, spring-loaded switch that creates a tactile link between the device and the user in a way that modern membrane keyboards simply can't.

Not only do these spring-loaded switches mean AZIO's keyboards have a much longer lifespan than most other devices on the market, but switched keyboards deliver instant feedback. When you're typing on a retro keyboard, you can actually feel the characters as you type, and that goes a long way toward increasing typing speed and accuracy.

Innovative, Durable Designs

Not only do quality retro-inspired tech devices such as AZIO's wireless keyboards deliver an unparalleled user experience, but the use of durable, natural materials addresses the growing problem of cheap peripherals filling up our landfills.

If you've used a low-quality keyboard, you likely know that these devices simply don't stand up over time. AZIO focuses on creating innovative products that are nothing short of timeless, and that means using eco-friendly materials such as natural wood and real leather that fit into any environment.

 The AZIO retro keyboard and accessories such as the Retro Classic Mouse Padand Retro Classic Palm Rest are more than unique, innovative devices — they are truly an investment that's eco-friendly.

Enjoy a Retro Feel

If you've ever had the chance to test drive a vintage typewriter, you understand why these old-school office machines enjoy a cult-like following among die-hard typewriter aficionados. These beloved machines transform writing into a truly integrative experience; users can literally feel their words traveling through their fingertips onto the page.

Thanks to the key-specific switches, mechanical keyboards deliver that same beloved retro feel and click that you get from a typewriter — without needing to downgrade your devices or lug around an absurdly heavy machine.

Transform Your Workspace With An AZIO Retro Mechanical Keyboard

AZIO mechanical keyboardsare a must-have in environments where quality, reliability and innovative, user-friendly tech are celebrated. Ideally suited to home offices and professional spaces alike, AZIO bluetooth keyboardsdeliver all-day comfort without compromise. Combined with a retro classic mouse and hi-resolution, studio-grade AZIO Heara earphones, AZIO keyboards transform iOS or Windows tablets and desktops into cutting-edge machines that are a pleasure to use.

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