Retro Significance: Why do we love vintage?

Mid-century modern, 1970s retro, and the '90s fashion trends — all of these indicate a trend for retro looks, from furniture to clothing, shoes, and tech. While many users don't want a return to the actual technology of the late twentieth century, the overall appearance of different computer accessories, from keyboards and beyond, is undergoing a retro revolution for appearance and design. 

Why is retro so popular? What sparked this trend to embrace styles from vintage stores and dig through parents' and grandparents' closets, attics, and basements for retro furnishings and clothes? Let's look at this trend a little closer, plus show you how your home office set-up can get a makeover with retro-inspired equipment.


Part of the reason many people embrace the low-tech, handmade features of retro goods is dissatisfaction with the uniformity of computer-generated or factory-made products. In a world where connectivity makes people more similar, many millennials and Gen Zs want to stand out, including the human imperfections and unique aspects of custom-made clothing, handmade artwork or lettered designs, and a unique aesthetic.

Bucking the mass-production trend and exploring vintage and second-hand stores for something no one else owns speaks to the desire for nonconformity that many younger people feel. When social media influencers leverage internet popularity to spark trend after trend, and filters and Instagram "highlight reels" of daily life have become ubiquitous for modern society, it's hard for younger people to find their own unique identity. Retro items, individual and decidedly not mass-produced fast-fashion trendy items, allow people to express themselves.


The higher-quality materials and craftsmanship of vintage goods may be another reason that people seek them out. In the time before mass-produced fast fashion, and when people and families had less disposable income, clothing, furnishings, and other accessories were crafted to last years and even decades. While the aesthetic of consumer goods changed, the quality in which vintage items are made hasn't.

Another trend that embraces the vintage is the popularity of vinyl records. For decades, music lovers followed the next trend of convenience for music, moving from records to cassette tapes, CDs, and now streaming and downloadable digital files. However, what digital music provides in convenience and shareability, it lacks in finesse, sound quality, and a tangible experience. Vinyl records have a more diverse frequency of sound and offer a giftable, tangible experience. Perhaps this is why people are also embracing vintage and retro-inspired tech designs too.


                                                                                                                                                                        At Azio, we design technology and computer accessories that combine high-performance and reliability with vintage-inspired designs. We use the best materials for a better feel in the hands and under the fingers, with careful details that hearken back to the days of the ribbon-set typewriter.


Our Azio Retro Classic is the perfect amalgam of past, present, and future. This keyboard has easy-to-read features, including larger keys and backlighting, and resembles an old-school typewriter, perfect for a Film Noir or steampunk-inspired interior aesthetic. Genuine, natural materials, including leather edging and a wood veneer, complete the organic appearance.



Pair this keyboard with other accessories, such as a matching retro classic palm rest for reducing wrist strain and carpal tunnel syndrome, and crafted using high-quality, smooth leather. Or, use a tactilely pleasing mouse with small details that coordinate with the keyboard and a matching mousepad.

The typewriter-inspired Retro Classic Keyboards come in several different color palates and designs, but all are inspired by the heavy keys of a typewriter and the tactile pleasure of typing on the keys. Mix and match accessories for a more unique style, or purchase the coordinating set for a sleeker appearance — the choice is uniquely yours.