The Importance of a Professional’s Creative Tools

The Importance of a Professional's Creative Tools

Creativity is essential in life because it’s a differentiator. It's what sets us apart from our peers or competitors. Creativity is what fuels big ideas, challenges people's way of thinking, and opens doors to new opportunities.  Nowadays, more and more individuals are holding creative jobs and challenging the status quo. So how exactly does one become more creative? There are many answers to this question, but having the right tools are a must to ensure that your creativity is on top.

So how are creative tools essential? Generally speaking, tools are a multiplier of human ability. A hammer helps us to build things; a forklift helps us to move heavy things that we couldn’t possibly lift ourselves, etc. 

Similarly, creative tools are multipliers and catalysts for our minds. It helps us forge new connections, associations, and ideas. While a high-performance computer is a crucial component to develop any project optimally, the ideal peripherals that are not only beautiful but also functional, are of equal importance.

The feedback we’ve received from many creatives, including designers, writers, marketers, etc., has been the difficulty of finding quality and luxury keyboards and mice that can perform while simultaneously reflecting their sense of style and individuality. While there are a plethora of options on the market for every budget and style preference, lasting quality and one of a kind designs are challenging to find.

This is the problem we encountered years back when we were in the market for creative tools. Even before the founding of Azio, we’ve always known that the right tools make all the difference to the right people. The ideal creative instrument needs to be both pleasant to the touch and, above all, functional. Hence, we tested a wide range of keyboards, mice, and mouse pads, but the feeling was always the same -- something was lacking. At that moment, we decided to put our ideas together and developed what we believe to be the best peripherals in the market.

Featuring nostalgia from retro typewriter keyboards and personified with advanced functions and distinct design, we launched the ideal line of peripherals that creative individuals need. Here are a few of our fan favorites:

The Retro Classic BT Keyboard

Featuring a one of a kind design, the Retro Classic BT is the new classic. Designed to not only reflect the tactile, typing pleasure of old typewriters, this typewriter keyboard features modern features and functionality to optimize performance and creatively. With an all-aluminum frame and Walnut wood surface, this keyboard is incredible to the touch and transforms everyday tasks into an experience.

The Retro Compact Keyboard 

For those who prefer peripherals with a smaller footprint, we have something for you as well. Our Retro Compact Keyboard (RCK) contains all the same design elements but in a more compact form. The RCK comes in Walnut wood surface as well as genuine leather.

The Retro Classic Mouse (RCM)

While some creative individuals tend to privilege keyboards, others tend to pay extra attention to mice. In case you fill in within the last category, you need to check out our Retro Classic Mouse (RCM).

One notable characteristic of the Retro Classic Mouse (RCM) that users love is that it works incredibly well for both right and left-handed individuals. This ambidextrous mouse is crafted using genuine leather and even comes with an interchangeable top-cover for various design preferences. Additionally, the mouse glides effortlessly across almost any surface (including glass) and houses an incredibly long-lasting battery (up to 4 months on a single charge).

These days, creativity has become more critical than ever to ensuring that a work or creative space cultivates happiness and produces innovative concepts. At Azio, you’ll find all the peripherals you need to continue your creative work and perform your best work.  

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