What is Antimicrobial?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Antimicrobial is defined as destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and especially pathogenic microorganisms.

As COVID-19 grips the world, individuals have grown aware of their surroundings and the use of antimicrobials are more impactful than ever. In order to protect ourselves, it's important to think beyond face masks and hand sanitizer, and develop a high awareness of the surfaces we touch. Disinfectants are commonly used to destroy bacteria, but Antimicrobial products are crafted with Antimicrobial agents to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the products. 


 What Are Antimicrobial Agents?

Antimicrobial agents kill microorganisms or halt their growth. They work at a cellular level to continually disrupt and prevent the growth of microorganisms. By creating an inhospitable environment for microorganisms like bacteria, mold and mildew, antimicrobials protect everyday products like countertops, toys, surface coatings, textiles and hospital equipment.

For AZIO Antimicrobial products, a silver based inorganic antimicrobial agent is added to the exterior which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and build-up of germs. The silver ions in the antimicrobial agent have a an affect on a wide range of microbes including gram-negative bacteria, gram-positive bacteria, and molds. 


How Can You Prevent Microbes from Collecting on Electronics?



Companies are responding to the need for products that can be cleaned with antimicrobial cleansers. In order to meet the definition of antimicrobial products have to meet two criteria:

1. The surfaces you touch should be waterproof to allow for proper cleaning

2. Disease-causing microbes love to hang out in seams and grooves on surfaces. The surfaces should contain as few seams as possible so the microbes have nowhere to hide

Coronaviruses settle onto surfaces, including your work phone, headset and desktop. Antimicrobial products are waterproof, so you can disinfect them, and have smooth surfaces, which make it harder for microbes to accumulate.

Where Can You Find Antimicrobial Products?



AZIO Corporation offers antimicrobial computer peripherals, such as keyboards and mice. For example, the KM535 Antimicrobial Combo is a great starter kit if you don't have a micro-resistant laptop. Made with antibacterial materials, this keyboard and mouse combo offers style and functionality while helping you avavert the bacteria on your peripherals.

If you're looking for a Mac option, the KB540 keyboard is sealed with an enclosure so that you can thoroughly sanitize or wash it. For mice, consider the AZIO MS530, which is also antimicrobial and waterproof. All four Antimicrobial options are washable and waterproof - adding another layer of safety and protection during these unprecedented times.