Why Is Aluminum Used in Electronics?

Aluminum is a popular material for many different applications. Durable and lightweight, the chemical properties of this metal make it useful for everything from food and beverage containers to electronics.

Today, we're exploring why aluminum is used in electronics and its advantages.

What is Aluminum?

While pure aluminum is weak, when added to other metals, specifically iron and silicone to form a compound, it becomes remarkably strong. It's also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, which is important for electronics construction and use. It's replaced copper in various applications, from wiring to electrical transmission and distribution. It's also lightweight, much lighter than copper, which makes it a great choice for computer components, too.

Advantages of Aluminum in Keyboards


Aluminum has a lot of benefits for electronics. It's recyclable, which means that old computer keyboards can safely be recycled. Aluminum is also eco-friendly and doesn't involve invasive mining. But perhaps the most important advantage aluminum offers for keyboard technology is heat control, meaning that you can work for hours and take the computer anywhere.

You can slow color aluminum easily, which allows users to personalize their computers. Aluminum is also durable, which means that the components inside are protected, even if it's dropped. Plus, it's lightweight, which is important for many computer manufacturers, especially since buyers want portable computers that don't weigh them down. The balance of an aluminum keyboard cover means that it's easier to use the device and it promotes ergonomics.

Other Uses For Aluminum in Electronics


Beyond casing for electronics, aluminum is also used for other computer parts such as heat sinks. Heat sinks capture heat created through computer use and prevent it from harming other key components. Without aluminum heat sinks, computers couldn't safely operate.

Aluminum is also used for electric motors, which run on batteries. It's mostly used as a light, durable structure as well as casings for different motor parts. Flat-screen TVs, laptops smartphones, tablets, computer monitors, and other kinds of consumer electronics are increasingly made from aluminum, which combines practicality with beauty and an appearance that's at once reliable and sophisticated, essential for the booming electronics industry.

Manufacturers are replacing steel and plastic with aluminum, which before was only used to cool CPU units and graphics processors, both of which generate a lot of heat. Now, most newer models of electronics are made with aluminum – maybe even the one your reading this article on!

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