ANANDTECH: Azio's Iris Keyboard: When Style Meets Comfort

Azio demonstrated its Iris keyboard at Computex. The new product comes in two pieces that will be sold separately: the keyboard itself (dubbed K-Pad Unit) as well as a numpad (called N-Pad Unit). Traditionally for Azio, the Iris will use mechanical switches from Cherry.

Azio’s Retro Classic mechanical keyboard featured a really eye-catching design with its typewriter-style round-shaped keys, yet many reviewers and users complained about its comfort back in 2017. Azio tried to capitalize on design of its Retro Classic products and introduced numerous new versions back at Computex 2018, though it looks like adoption of the product did not expand outside of its target audience (people primarily buying for style). That said, Azio decided to change its approach.

Azio’s Iris keyboard uses more traditional square keycaps, which it meshes with a metallic finish as well as leather-covered body. At Computex, Azio demonstrated Iris in red & golden as well as black & silver colors, and the company may come up with other variants as well.

The new Azio Iris keyboard also has a media control knob and uses Cherry’s Brown or Blue switchers. Just like in case of the Retro Classic, the keyboard is compatible both with Apple MacOS as well as Microsoft Windows-based PCs (i.e., ALT/Option as well as CMD/Windows keys are switchable). As for connectivity, both the keyboard and the numpad can connect to a PC using RF or Bluetooth technology, and they can be charged using USB Type-C connectors.

Azio plans to start sales of its Iris keyboard and its keypad later this year. At present, the company is looking at A$234.00 price point for the keyboard as well as A$78.00 for the numpad, though this is subject to change. Furthermore, the company will offer mice that will match designs of its Iris units.