Azio Retro Classic review: This stylish, typewriter-like mechanical keyboard offers the best of the modern and old worlds

This vintage-typewriter-style keyboard is the most beautifully designed we've ever seen – but is it usable?

A traditional typewriter is a thing of ingenuity and beauty – and that's something the Azio Retro Classic keyboard keyboard wants to emulate. It's more than just the looks it's aping – this is a mechanical keyboard with a satisfying solidity to your keystrokes that give them weight – literally and metaphorically. When you type something or just hit a key command, it feels a lot more like you meant it that on your average keyboard.

The Retro Classic keyboard combines modern technology with vintage good looks in a new line of luxury keyboards that offer the same type of circular keys you expect old hacks to be bashing away on.

There are four colour options, with wireless and wired models of each. The wired versions cost £189.99/USA$297.00, with Bluetooth bringing that up to £219.99/A$344.00