By Elizabeth Bernstein  Last updated Aug 14, 2017 09:14 PM EDT

It’s hard to stand out in a market that’s constantly saturated with new gaming keyboards, but the Azio MGK L80 RGB Mechanical Keyboard manages to set itself apart with a few key features.

At first glance, the most notable feature is the prominent volume dial, which you don’t typically see in gaming keyboards, which has a very retro stereo tuner kind of vibe. Its location in the upper-right corner, size, and dial mechanic make it easy to adjust your volume on the fly, like when you’re in the middle of an online match and can’t pause to hunt for a volume button. You can also push the dial to toggle mute.

As far as aesthetics go, the second thing you’ll notice is the vibrant programmable RGB backlighting, which includes six different equally attractive modes of lighting effects, including a custom mode that allows you to assign a color to each individual key. Other modes include a Wave Mode, where the backlight moves across the keyboard in a subtle gradient format, and a Reactive Mode, in which each key you press illuminates and then slowly fades.