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Azio’s luxurious Retro Classic BT is a fusion of old and new

Best looking keyboard in the world?

For day-to-day computing - your spreadsheets, your email chains, Googling stuff like “who holds the record for most grilled cheese sandwiches eaten in…” - you’re probably not too fussy about what keyboard you use.

But when it comes to penning your memoirs - glasses right on the tip of your nose, the room presumably soaked with cigarette smoke - you need something with a bit of grandeur.

Enter Azio’s Retro Classic.

First introduced in 2017, it’s a backlit, mechanical QWERTY keyboard that looks and sounds like a vintage typewriter you might imagine in a steampunk novel. The ‘Artisan’ variant (pictured) features a Zinc alloy frame and genuine leather surface, but you can also opt for three similarly plush alternative designs.

Old-school as the Retro Classic undoubtedly is, Azio knows it’ll be used by the cable-hating gadget fiends of 2018, so for USA$340.00 you can now get a Bluetooth version. Hemingway never had that.