Press Release: Azio officially launches the Fokal Keyboard on Indiegogo

After much anticipation, AZIO is proud to announce the launch of our Indiegogo campaign for the Fokal Keyboard and Fokal Number Pad.

Available for a limited time, get up to 30% OFF with the Early Bird Special. 


The FOKAL is the world’s first keyboard with a customizable Control Knob. The name Fokal is derived from “optimized control”, where all core functions are focalized within one point. Revolutionize the way you work by centralizing all commands into one spot: The Control Knob. 


 At its base, users can switch the Control Knob into 3 modes: Multimedia, Lighting, and Joystick. In the software, reconfigure the knob to do any other commands. 



Inspired by iconic retro cameras, Fokal is built with an ultra-durable middle iron plate and two anodized aluminum plates at the top and bottom. The bottom is wrapped in genuine top-grain leather for a warm touch.  




The Fokal is completely customizable, allowing the user to map any of the keys and control knob to their individual needs. With the accompanying software, save up to 7 unique profiles.



Lighting and brightness of your keyboard are adjusted with one touch of the crown knob. Light modes include static, breathing, wave, reactive - each mode comes with 7 preset colors and one RGB mode.



The Fokal easily connects wirelessly through RF or Bluetooth 5.0. Connect up to 3 Bluetooth devices.



The massive 5000 mAh li-ion battery can last up to 4 months on a single charge.


Pair your Fokal keyboard with our matching Number Pad, which can work synonymously or separately from the keyboard. It comes with the same mesmerizing RGB backlight and technology to wirelessly connect up to 4 devices.


On top of all the features above, users have the option to choose between three different Gateron mechanical switches: Blue, Brown, or Yellow. No matter what you choose, users can expect durability and satisfying haptic and sound feedback. To further set customers' mind at ease, Azio offers a 2 year manufacturer warrantyfor the Fokal. 

AZIO is an acronym for "A to Z, Input-Output". This reflects the core of our business as a manufacturer of computer and electronic peripherals. Technology can simplify complicated things, or complicate simple things. Our design goal is to create cutting-edge products that are intuitively easy to use, provide maximum comfort, and leave a minimal environmental footprint. Through the use of color, material, and finish, we strive to design products with the perfect blend of elegance and ferocity.

To receive up to 30% off, head to our Indiegogo campaign pageto get our early bird special. For more information, please contact us at