technobezz: These are some of the best Mac keyboards you can buy

A Mac keyboard with mechanical switches

Azio Mk-Mac Wired USB Backlit Keyboard with Brown K-Switch

Have you ever heard of a mechanical keyboard for the Apple Mac? If you haven’t, this Azio MK-Mac keyboard should put you on track. Mechanical key switches are popular among gamers and typists in the world of Windows computers. For Mac, it is a concept unheard of. But for the enthusiasts out there who want the best of OS X and input choices, Azio has an option. They have managed to retain the pure white color and used white backlights for the keyboard bringing it on par with any Mac-friendly keyboard out there.

While the product featured here is the USB wired model, you can also find the MK Mac BT with a Bluetooth setup for a slightly higher price. The keyboard features tactile brown k-switches which are non-clicky and doesn’t make too much noise. The MK-Mac Wired USB keyboard is exclusively designed for Mac with all Apple specific button layout including hotkeys for easy access. It also has a dedicated volume control wheel which should make analog lovers happy as you can increase or reduce volume on your iTunes music playback at will.

Why should you buy this keyboard?

  1. Mechanical switches for Mac is a unique feature that sets this keyboard apart from the competition.
  2. Azio has also maintained the Mac key layout and provides a physical volume control button enhancing the analog experience.

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