Steampunk Surprise: Azio’s Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboards

by Seth Colaner August 5, 2017 at 5:00 AM

There’s retro and then there’s retro, but the version that’s inspired by the look of old typewriters is alive and well. There are models like this one, and Azio launched a crowdfunding campaign to get its “Retro Classic Luxury Mechanical Keyboard” into the hands of consumers. (We might classify these keyboards as “steampunk” more than “retro,” but hey.)

You can choose from three color options: black with chrome accents (Retro Classic Onyx), white with copper accents (Retro Classic Posh), and black with copper accents (Retro Classic Artisan). We present for your enjoyment the Indiegogo launch video that Azio produced, which feels like a perfume ad (in a fun way):