WCCFTECH: Wccftech’s Best of Computex 2019: PC Hardware & Technology Awards

Alright folks, so that’s a wrap for our Computex 2019 coverage and here are our Best of Computex 2019 PC Hardware & Technology Awards for the year 2019. We have some truly innovative designs this year and have an award for every major category. Our methodology ranges from the most innovative, to the most impactful as well as taking into account potential disruption of the markets. Technology that may be classified as vaporware is therefore given a penalty when compared to a less impressive technology that has the potential to change the lives of millions.

With almost a thousand tech companies exhibiting at Computex, it is hard to be completely impartial and fair but we tried our best to visit all PC hardware and tangentially related companies and find out the hidden gems – along with the obvious ones. We gave away a total of 10 awards to 10 different products, and this is the complete list of our Best of Computex ’19 roster.

Best of Computex, Keyboard: AZIO

AZIO’s retro style keyboards absolutely blew us away. Combining mechanical and retro seems like a match made in heaven and the high quality finish and wood aesthetic of the keyboards was superb as well. You can head over to their site to check out some more of their designs.