How To Keep Organized Working From Home

Working from home can make it difficult to stay organized. Veteran remote workers may have tips and tricks to keep themselves organized and on-task, but people who have just recently been asked to work from home may struggle. We've gathered some of the top tips to keep keyboard warriors organized.

Maintain Deadlines

Working from home can make it more difficult to maintain deadlines, but you still have responsibilities to your clients and coworkers. Post a calendar on the wall with your project deadlines to keep you on-task. If you have larger projects, consider breaking your progress down in phases with sub-deadlines for each one, and plan your day according to what you need to complete.

Coordinate Schedules

It can be difficult to meet your deadlines if you don't have a schedule to stick to. Moving from the office to your own home office can throw you off-kilter, and many of those who work from home may have other responsibilities, such as increased housework or children with school assignments to complete at home.

Create schedules for everyone and rearrange your responsibilities around your goals. For example, if kids are working on their schoolwork use that time to check your emails and work on tasks that don't require fierce concentration. This way, if your children have questions, they aren't interrupting you when you need to focus.

Create daily and weekly schedules to hold yourself accountable and stick to them. Schedules also help reduce the urge to procrastinate. Assigning certain times for certain tasks helps you hold yourself accountable.

Declutter Regularly

Possessions can build up in the home and it can be easy to become overwhelmed if your home is full of clutter. Take time monthly or every few months go through closets, storage bins and your attic or garage to weed out items you don't need anymore. File all important papers in dedicated folders to avoid letting them build up in piles.

Sort your belongings into piles of items to keep, items you aren't sure about keeping and items that you can donate or resell right away. There are many sites where you can list items for sale, such as Nextdoor, E-Bay and Facebook Marketplace.

Give Your Possessions a Home

Giving each of your possessions a home helps with the decluttering process. When you aren't using something, put it back in its place. Storage containers with labels make organizing a breeze. To organize a messy closet, group items by type and then give each pile its own container. Make sure the items you use most are easily accessible, while things you don't use as much can be placed up high or out of sight.

Be careful about one big "miscellaneous" storage bin – these can easily get filled and cluttered.

Delegate Responsibilities

Delegating tasks to others can free up your time and help keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Make a to-do list and look through the items on it. Are there certain things that other members of your team or a staff member can take care of? Assign those duties to someone else to reduce feelings of overwhelm, so you can focus on the responsibilities that only you can complete.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

If you don't have a home office or dedicated workspace, creating one can help keep you focused and centered on what you need to accomplish each day.

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