This luxury leather keyboard is ridiculous, but I want one

By Micah Singleton | @MicahSingleton | Jul 19, 2017, 11:10am EDT

AZIO is releasing a “luxury” mechanical keyboard, and it’s undoubtedly a waste of money. Yet, I want one. If you’re in the market for a mechanical keyboard, you can pick up a better option like a WASD or a Matias for around the same price. Even the Surface and Apple keyboards are better options given the extra shortcut keys they come with.

But the AZIO? Well, it looks like an industrial typewriter dipped in rose gold, it works over Bluetooth, and you can get one for A$174.00 on Indiegogo (if it gets funded). It’s cheap enough not to be an outrageous expense, and it’s opulent enough to look like something that would be crafted for a royal family.

The AZIO Retro Classic keyboard comes in three colors — Onyx, Posh, and Artisan — and starts at A$150.00 for the wired version. (There are Windows and Mac layouts as well.) Whether or not it will ship is another question, as it hasn’t been funded yet, so proceed with caution as usual. But if it does, I may be first in line.