AZIO Armato Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

AZIO's new Armato mechanical gaming keyboard gets examined to determine if it deserves a place on your desk.

Introduction, Specifications, and Pricing

AZIO has been known to make some slick keyboards in the past, and this is the fifth such keyboard we get to look at. This new keyboard reminds us a lot of the MGK 1, but this time dressed to the nines and put on some steroids. As AZIO puts it, this is a product which embodies simplicity, it is pure in its design, and is bold in appearance. Of course, there are many features packed into this peripheral, but keeping to the idea of being simple and pure, there are no drivers to muck up the experience. 

AZIO has brought forth a keyboard which has bold red accents, and it topped with aluminum, which has been brushed and polished beveled edges, to offer the looker that everyone wants sitting on their desk. There are high-end details added
like mesh inserts that go along with the paint color of the steel plate, and the red LED backlighting. Every switch but one is backed with a Cherry MX Brown switch, which offers a tactile feel to the press without all the noise of blue or green switches. From any angle, there is much to be had, and this keyboard is a pleasure to the eyes.

Today, we have you all here gathered to look at the AZIO Armato gaming mechanical keyboard. Not only does it boast what we just addressed in the paragraph before this one, but we are just touching the surface as to what all this keyboard is capable of. There is a full assortment of multimedia keys, an array of productivity boosting buttons set to the F-keys, and also a set of Macro buttons with an on-the-fly Macro record system. We haven even touched on the lighting yet either. While the only color of LEDs may be red, there are three modes to choose from, one of which is a custom mode, or they can be turned off as well. With everything the AZIO site shows this keyboard to be capable of, and from what we have gathered in using the Armato, we feel that this is one mechanical gaming keyboard you are going to want to get to know on a personal level.